Saturday, November 1, 2008

Seeds of Faith

Well here is a painting I did after my quiet time with the Lord and yes it was at 230am. I have had a rough day so I got into the word and listen to my soaking music. Well the Lord gave me a picture and this is what came out. Its not great and I did it in bed with dim lighting. I saw land with mountains behind these seeds and the Lord said that these seeds were my prayers and seeds that I have planted for my family. He showed me that they were sprouting but now fully grown. So that I would see growth but still keep praying. It was very encouraging to be shown that. I don't feel so hopeless and I will continue to pray his promises in.

So this painting will be called Seeds of Faith. It was done with watercolor pencils. Thank you for reading and I pray God to encourages you in whatever area you need encouraging in.